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Technical Feasibility Assessments (TFAs)
2023-24 (Round 2)

In addition to the Pipeline Accelerator, we also provide support to access advice from our Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) research projects. The TFAs will provide researchers with much needed direction for initiating translational research, building knowledge of the process and requirements and improving early-stage decisions. 

Valued at $10,000, these awards will support the provision of advice on product development directly from our CGT facilities to researchers looking to develop novel therapeutic products. Funding will be provided to TIA facilities for assessments to be provided to researchers at no cost.

Refer to the guidelines for information on eligibility, as well as the application and funding process. If you intend to apply for a TFAs voucher, please read these guidelines carefully before you contact a facility and make a submission. 

This round closes 26th April 2024 (5pm AEST)
See Guidelines or Application template for the link to application form

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