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TIA facilities are directly accessible and in most cases can provide subsidised access to capabilities.

The Pipeline Accelerator scheme was introduced to further reduce the cost of access to a specific capability for therapeutic development projects. It is a competitive scheme that provides up to $50,000 with at least 50% matching funding (co-investment) by applicants.

This scheme runs every six months to provide rapid access to promising early-stage therapeutic development projects.

2023-24 Round 2

TIA is partnering with Phenomics Australia and National Deuteration Facility (NDF) to provide access vouchers to TIA and Phenomics Australia facilities as well as NDF.

Please refer to the guidelines for information on eligibility, funding levels, co-investment expectations, as well as the application and funding process. If you intend to apply for funding, please read these guidelines carefully.

All applicants are required to complete and submit the applications online using our online application form. Please note that the link to the application form can be found in the guidelines document. We strongly advise you to develop the application on the provided template as the form cannot be saved and retrieved at a later date.

TIA values diversity in research teams and applicants. Early career researchers and/or female researchers are strongly encouraged to apply as the main applicants.

Technical Feasibility Assessments
TIA also offers access to $10,000 vouchers to access specific product development advice at one of our Cell & Gene Therapy facilities. Click here for more information on this scheme.
More information

Contact a TIA / Phenomics Australia facility /NDF for more details and advice on preparing your application – see guidelines document for contact details.

This round closes 26th April 2024 (5pm AEST)
See Guidelines or Application template for the link to application form
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Please click on buttons below to download the appropriate documents for the current round.

Guidelines to apply for Pipeline Accelerator vouchers (PDF)

Develop your application using this template as the form cannot be saved and retrieved (DOCX)

Prepare your commencement letter using this template provided (DOCX)

Prepare your completion letter using this template provided (DOCX)

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If you need help or advice on applying for a Pipeline Accelerator access voucher please contact us.