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TIA forms and maintains partnerships that add value to research infrastructure and drive industry engagement

TIA plays a convening role in the therapeutic development ecosystem, connecting related organisations that support research translation and seeking to form new joint initiatives that add value to research infrastructure. We have partnerships with the Medical Research Future Fund, MTPConnect, the global Translation Together consortium and related NCRIS projects.

Health and medical researchers investigate solutions to complex problems that are often not easily solved by a single discipline. The NCRIS Health Group is aimed at enabling them collaboratively throughout the translational process.

TIA partners with MTPConnect in accelerating the rate of growth of the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector in Australia. We provide access to NCRIS research infrastructure that assists the researchers in developing their medical products. The partnership includes TIA involvement in the Clinical Translation and Commercialisation Medtech Program, to identify and nurture high-quality medical device projects that have commercial potential – and support their translation through early clinical trials. Other project partners include the Medical Technology Association of Australia, the Medical Device Partnering Program, Cicada Innovations and BridgeTech Program. We have also established a partnership with the Australian Antimicrobial Resistance Network, leveraging our Pipeline Accelerator voucher scheme to support access to TIA facilities for projects seeking new treatments to combat emerging antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Learn More

TIA is a critical player among NCRIS infrastructure projects in ensuring the maximum value of projects funded through the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF).

The MRFF is a major source of support and funding for research and clinical trials, aiming to transform health and medical advances and innovations to improve lives, build the economy and contribute to health system sustainability.

We provide MRFF-funded projects with ready-to-access services and advice, as well as negating the need to develop internal capabilities to serve a single project.

As well as supporting applications, TIA is partnering and co-funding select strategic MRFF programs. We leveraged our Pipeline Accelerator access voucher framework to support the MRFF’s 2021 mRNA Clinical Trial Enabling Infrastructure opportunity – a scheme supporting companies and consortia applying to the government’s Approach to Market to establish onshore mRNA manufacturing.

TIA has been working with partner global translational research infrastructure organisations since September 2017 to develop a Global Translational Research Consortium known as Translation Together.

Translation Together is a collaboration of leading translational research organisations from the USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Australia, the UK and the European Union. Collectively, we leverage our complementary scientific and operational strengths, our shared insight of the challenges facing translation, and our collective voice to advance the science and understanding of biomedical translation.

​Translational science is a new field with boundless promise to transform biomedical research and medicine. Understanding the translational process will provide a foundation for more science-driven, predictive and effective development of treatment and prevention strategies for all diseases. 

​Members of Translation Together have recently collaborated to answer the question: “What makes a translational scientist?”. This resulted in a vision of the ideal translational scientist that encompasses seven important characteristics (see below), and was published in ACS Pharmacology and Translational Science.