TIA launches new RNA Products Capability

(L-R) Colin Pouton, Palli Thordarson, Olga Shimoni, Stuart Newman, Sen Tim Ayres, Cathy Foley, Atilla Brungs, Darren Saunders, Tim Mercer

On May 24, 2024, TIA launched of its groundbreaking RNA Products Capability at UNSW, with the assistance of NSW Senator Tim Ayres, Chief Scientist Cathy Foley and UNSW Vice Chancellor Atilla Brungs. This new capability is supported by funding from the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) of the Australian Department of Education. It aims […]

UNSW RNA Institute

With the high-speed development of mRNA vaccines, brought on by rapid advances in the broader area of RNA biology and therapeutics, RNA products are being developed for a wide array of needs. From cancer treatments to diagnostics to agriculture, RNA science may hold the key to understanding some of the most complex scientific challenges. The […]

BASE mRNA Facility

mRNA vaccines and therapies provide a new strategy to treat disease.  The BASE facility makes mRNA for scientific research. This facility has experience making hundreds of mRNAs vaccines and therapies. BASE offers end-to-end services, including the design, manufacture and LNP formulation of mRNA, and also provide off-the-shelf mRNAs. Read more about BASE here