New Zealand accessing Australian expertise to build mRNA COVID-19 vaccines

AUCKLAND: COVID-19 Vaccination Corporation (CVC), New Zealand’s most experienced group of vaccine researchers have joined forces with Australia’s BASE Nucleic Acids Biomanufacturing Facility to produce an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

As mRNA vaccines have demonstrated their abilities to be quickly developed, CVC’s collaboration with BASE Nucleic Acids Biomanufacturing facility, part of the Protein Expression Facility at the University of Queensland, will explore how CVC’s T-cell vaccine technology can be rapidly adapted to this emerging technology.

BASE is collaborating with CVC to design T-cell COVID-19 mRNA vaccine candidates. BASE will produce the mRNA vaccine’s active substance which will be supplied to CVC for formulation and evaluation in pre-clinical studies.

“We are pleased to help accelerate CVC’s research effort to adapt its proprietary T-cell vaccine to the mRNA platform technology and diversify the strategy employed to deliver the innovative vaccine,” says Dr Romain Tropée, Nucleic Acids Production Lead at BASE Nucleic Acids Biomanufacturing Facility.

BASE is supported by Therapeutic Innovation Australia and the University of Queensland, offering advanced biomanufacturing of high-quality and high-purity mRNA and DNA products to accelerate and enhance research translation.

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