New company established to operate NSW’s world-leading viral vector facility

The NSW Government has announced the establishment of a new company to operate the world-leading viral vector manufacturing facility based at the Westmead precinct, which will produce groundbreaking and life-saving therapies.

Viral vectors are a key component of many cell and gene therapies, and vaccines, which are increasingly being used to treat cancer, genetic diseases and infections. Viral vector technology uses viruses that are harmless to humans to carry genetic therapies to the target organs and systems that cause significant human diseases.

Stage 1 of the facility is operational for use in gene therapy research with the first clinical trial anticipated to commence in 2025 using vectors from the facility. The Stage 2 facility is currently under construction and once completed will provide NSW with a commercial-scale viral vector manufacturing facility capable of meeting the growing demand for viral vectors.

TIA supports development of vector-based therapies through support of the Vector Genome Engineering Facility and the Sydney Cell & Gene Therapy facility at the Westmead precinct. We look forward to assisting the company as it works to build and support Australia’s advanced therapeutic development landscape

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