🏏 TIA reaches a century of voucher awards! 🏏

We are delighted to announce the outcomes of the first round of Pipeline Accelerator 2021-22 scheme. A total of $560,000 will be invested to support 17 therapeutic development projects, ranging from diagnostics to treatments, to address unmet medical needs across multiple disease areas. This has led to TIA achieving a significant milestone.

Since the launch of the scheme in 2017, we are thrilled to report that we have invested $3.45M in 100 therapeutic development projects. Many of these projects have progressed down the development pipeline to clinical trials and commercial outcomes. Prof Rajiv Khanna’s 2017-18 project has established a cell bank that has now enabled a clinical trial to combat viral infections in transplant patients. An award to the Austrlaian company Cyclotek in 2020 has led to an international $1.6M project to develop and manufacture new chemicals for preclinical imaging. Another 2020 voucher award even supported development of a vaccine for koalas against chlamydia! We are now seeing projects move along TIA’s pipeline of facilities, supported by accelerator vouchers every step of the way.

Successful Pipeline Accelerator 2021-22 (Round 1) applications are listed in the table below. We offer our sincere congratulations to the awardees and we wish their projects every success.