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Translating Health Discovery (THD) Project

TIA is excited to announce the implantation of the Translating Health Discovery (THD) Project, which will form an integral part of a broad vision aimed at achieving higher rates of translation of Australia’s therapeutic discoveries into clinical applications. Translational health research can be loosely defined as ‘the process of applying ideas, insights and discoveries generated through basic scientific discovery to the treatment or prevention of human disease [1]

The main objectives of the THD project are:
  • To accelerate translation of research discoveries and enhance translational efficiency. 
  • To establish a Queensland Node of the future national TIA providing coordination functions and access to integrated facilitation pathways for researchers in different areas including small molecule pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, devices, biomarkers and cell based therapies.

Some of the specific projects though which THD is to be implemented are:
  • The TIA model – establishment of a Queensland node as a model for facilitated translational research pathways
  • Clinical trial infrastructure to increase Phase 1 capacity and improving clinical trial capabilities
  • Establishment of a ‘Virtual Pharma’ Pharmaceutical Developability Network
  • Enhancement of Australia’s cell therapy and recombinant protein networks established under previous rounds of Federal government funding 
Collectively these projects seek to improve the research environment for optimising translational efficiency.

[1]  Investment Plan, Translating Health Discovery Project, Prof.  Ross McKinnon