Australia is noted for its medical discoveries but not for its ability to translate these into clinical practice. Reasons for this include, but are not limited to, a concentration on publication driven research (rather than a focus on clinical application), the absence of a non-commercial product development pathway and lack of industry engagement.

Whilst Australia is at a disadvantage due to its geography and its lack of critical mass, its size and isolation does make a nationally collaborative network more relevant to delivering outcomes and more feasible to implement.  

TIA forms a central partnering function principally between public sector researchers, capability managers and experts in product development from academic and industry sectors. TIA has developed linkages with government agencies and international organisations that contribute to the field of translational health research.

Partnerships are vital to the development of any discovery but are particularly valuable in Australian context.

As a research infrastructure agency TIA coordinates the establishment, operation and access to infrastructure in a manner that:
  •     enhances national and international research collaboration in biotechnology
  •     has a strong emphasis on service provision to the biotechnology research community
  •     provides leading-edge research capability for relevant disciplines

If you are interested in developing new partnerships, contact TIA to discuss on +61 3 8691 3130 or