Overview of Therapeutic Innovation Australia
An overview of Therapeutic Innovation Australia can be found here.
National Translational Health Coordinating Committee Meeting and Forum
The following presentations were held at the National Translational Health Coordinating Committee meeting and Forum on the 27th of November 2012 in Canberra:

Mr Tony Rothnie | DIISRTE, THD Scene Setting
Ms Clare McLaughlin | DIISRTE, Policy Review
Ms Anne O'Neill | Local State of Play, NSW Government
Prof Don Bursill | Local State of Play, SA Government
Dr Craig White | Local State of Play, TA Government
Prof Warwick Anderson | NHMRC Review
Dr Brendan Shaw | Medicines Australia
Dr Peter Harman | IVD Australia
Ms Anne Trimmer | MTAA
Prof Kwun Fong | MSAC
Dr Suzanne Hill | PBAC

Please note that Dr Tony Gill's presentation can be accessed via the TGA website.