Centre for Clinical Diagnostics


The Centre for Clinical Diagnostics (CCD) is a purpose-built facility within the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research at the Herston Campus (Brisbane, Australia). The CCD, together with a dedicated outpatient floor for the conduct of clinical trials, establishes UQCCR as a unique clinical research, development and evaluation facility in Australia.

The CCD was established to develop, evaluate and deliver new in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) within a NATA accredited research and development environment.  The CCD delivers regulatory ready data to achieve higher R&D efficiencies and return on investment, and reduced product time-to-market.  


ISO 17025 (R&D) compliant and conforms to FDA guidelines for electronic record handling (21 CFR Part 11).    

Year of Establishment



The CCD has established effective partnerships with health care service providers that create a powerful platform for rapid, robust validation of medical devices, applications and change in policy and practice.  This network includes primary health care clinics within Australia and major National and International hospitals.



AB Sciex Triple Quad 5500 LCMSMS Mass Spectrometer

The CCD targets the development of multivariate index assays with intended use as:  

  • aids in the diagnosis of disease;
  • early detection of disease onset;
  • risk assessment and population screening;
  • assignment to efficacious treatment;
  • treatment response monitoring;
  • companion diagnostics for new therapeutics; and
  • surrogate biomarkers for endpoint analysis in clinical trials.

AB Sciex Triple TOF 5600 LCMSMS Mass Spectrometer

Inucyte for real time monitoring of dynamic biological processes

Laser Dissection Microscope

Tissue Arrayer

Real-Time PCR Systems

Bioplex 200 Protein Solution Array Platform 

ELISA plate reader