The Australian Centre of Pharmacometrics


The role of the Australian Centre for Pharmacometrics (ACP) is to facilitate training and education in pharmacometrics and increase the utilisation of such analyses in biomedical research and drug development on a national scale. 

The ACP has its central node at the University of South Australia, with nodes at Monash University, the University of Queensland, the University of Sydney, as well as satellite operations through collaborators at Otago University and the University of Auckland. The Centre facilitates drug development and biomedical research nationally by providing a high-end computing facility and pharmacometric expertise accessed across Australia and New Zealand.   

Pharmacometrics combines our knowledge base of disease with our understanding of drug pharmacology, side effects  and treatment variability.  This field has often been referred to as “modeling and simulation” in the past, and can be defined as the science that coordinates all information about quantifying drugs and drug effects, the mechanistic processes involved in disease and its treatment, plus the interpreted results of in vitro, animal and clinical trials.  The combined information encourages efficient and improved drug candidate selection and formulation development via rational informed decision-making.  Given the ever increasing cost of drug development, it is important that Australia be at the forefront of “smart drug development”.

The value of pharmacometrics is illustrated by: 

  • Drug models describing relationships between exposure, response for both desired and undesired effects, and individual patient characteristics. 
  • Disease models describing the relationship between biomarkers and clinical outcomes, time course of disease and placebo effects. 
  • The capacity to integrate mechanistic knowledge from prior understanding, related compounds, chemistry and biology, together with the ability to include both richly sampled data and more limited/incomplete data typically unusable in traditional statistical approaches. 
  • The generation of trial models describing trial design, subject numbers, sampling times, inclusion/exclusion criteria, patient discontinuation and adherence.  Trials are then designed to provide the most efficient and optimal way to answer the question being asked. 
  • Improved analyses that are designed, conducted and reviewed in the context of ongoing development, therapeutic and regulatory decisions.

Year of Establishment


Access and Pricing

Access to the ACP and fees charged is based on the principle of a common approach for access to the infrastructure and a common approach to charges for access.  Access will be open to those whose projects comply with the following principles:  
  • they are in the public interest and aimed at understanding and/or improving the health and wellbeing of the Australian people;
  • they are ethically approved research projects of scientific merit;
  • they are projects whose results will be available in the public domain; and
  • they are projects conducted in accordance with the relevant legislation, regulations and guidelines.  

Access to ACP will be provided to:

  • Researchers with the appropriate experience, qualifications, facilities and funding to conduct the proposed research; and
  • Students and early career researchers who are part of a research team with appropriate experience and qualifications.
  • International collaborators, depending on the nature of the project and the nature of the collaboration with Australian researchers.  

The ACP will be available to approved researchers in the following categories:

  • meritorious researchers (including research students and early career researchers),
  • commercial users, and
  • international users.

Each class of researcher will be charged an access and use price consistent with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

Interested parties should contact the ACP.  

Previous and Current Clients

  • Development of population pharmacokinetic models for a private pharmaceuticals who are developing a new product 
  • Modeling and consultancy services for Australian aquaculture industry



2 x Dell Power Edge servers

Access to high-end computing facility


Access to pharmacometrics expertise

Pheonix WinNonlin