ACRF Cancer Genomics Facility


The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) Cancer Genomics Facility (CGF) was opened in October 2012 by the Hon John Hill, MP, SA Minister of Health. This was the result of a number of generous grants, initiating with $3.5 million from the ACRF, and other grants from the State Government of South Australia, Therapeutics innovation Australia (TIA) SuperScience Fund (federal government), MedVet Laboratories, the Cancer Council of South Australia, the Co-operative Research Centre for Biomarker Translation and through a partnership of SA Pathology and the University of Adelaide. 

Funding has been used to refit new lab space and bring a number of key technologies to the Centre for Cancer Biology and the South Australian research community including NGS from Illumina, Ion Torrent and Roche; microarrays from Affymetrix and Illumina; as well as, Fluidigm equipment for the study of single cells.  We have substantive automation equipment, and have been first in Australia for several of these technologies, such as automation of epigenomics.

Importantly, in collaboration with eResearch SA, SAs high performance computing node, we have started to build our in-house capability to analyse and interpret the vast amounts of data generated by these new technologies. This includes not only “super”-computer infrastructure, but also bioinformaticians, people skilled in analysing and interpreting this data.  

Year of Establishment


Access and Pricing

Priority is given to researchers from South Australia and projects focused on cancer research.  Other projects from external researchers (outside SA) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Previous Clients

Centre for Cancer Biology
SA Pathology
Women’s and Children’s Hospital
Royal Adelaide Hospital
University of Adelaide
Flinders University
University of South Australia

Contact information

Contact: Joel Geoghegan
Phone: +61 (0)8 8222 3966



Zeiss LSM 710 two-photon microscope (2PM)

Sample and library quality control

Fluidigm C1, BioMark HD and Access Array

Microarray Services for Illumina and Affymetrix platforms

  • Gene expression, Genotyping, Methylation and Copy Number Analysis

Illumina MiSeq and HiSeq 2500 Sequencers

Next-Generation Library Prep and Sequencing for Illumina, Ion Torrent and Roche/454 platforms

  • Whole genome sequencing, Exome sequencing, RNAseq, Small RNAseq, ChIPseq, Amplicon sequencing

Ion Torrent PGM Sequencer and Proton Sequencers

Single Cell Isolation and High Throughput PCR using Fluidigm Equipment

Roche 454 GS Junior Sequencer

Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis

Sequenom Nanodispenser and MassARRAY

Full range of bioinformatics analyses

  • Mapping and alignment, variant calling, differential gene expression etc.


Applied Biosystems ABI 3730 and 3730xl DNA Analyzer

Roche LightCycler 480

Shimadzu MultiNA

Agilent Bioanalyzer

Caliper Sciclone NGS Workstation

Diagenode Compact IP8

Ultrasonicator (Covaris)

Trinean DropSense 96

Pippin Prep

Affymetrix Microarray Equipment

Illumina BeadArray Equipment