Paediatric Trials Network Australia

The Paediatric Trials Network Australia (PTNA) brings together paediatric researchers in Australia and is committed to improving child health through the facilitation of paediatric clinical trials. It is a not for profit, virtual and inclusive network that is open for membership to any paediatric research organisation dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of paediatric research in Australia.  

The PTNA focusses on conducting and supporting multi-centre paediatric studies (birth to 18 years) developed by researchers or industry partners across all therapeutic areas, in order to improve the health of our children. This may include randomised controlled trials with drugs, devices or other health interventions, as well as observational clinical trials.

The network facilitates access to a critical mass of researchers and enough volunteers across the country that clinical trials can be successfully completed in a timely fashion. The PTNA also provides infrastructure to speed up communication and data collection across the country.

Through support from TIA, the PTNA has developed a unique, user friendly, secure electronic data capture and clinical trial management software called WebSpirit. WebSpirit can be accessed via the internet and is an affordable solution to managing clinical research data. WebSpirit caters to all types of clinical studies, not only paediatrics, and a variety of research other than clinical trials.

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Members should be involved in paediatric research, defined as involving participants aged from birth to their 18th birthday.  

Year of establishment


Access and pricing

PTNA is a membership based organisation initially established through member’s fees. Annual membership fees are currently based on the size of the institution. It includes a subsidy for those institutions wishing to use WebSpirit to collect trial data, and manage their trials at a project or institutional level, plus access to the training and other activities developed by the PTNA over time at reduced fees.   

To access Webspirit, cost recovery fees are charged per trial, ranging from $5,000 to $6,000 for up to 20 sites, and a smaller annual fee.  Users are predominantly responsible for developing their own eCRFs, however, the fees include training, technical support and user administration required for WebSpirit.   


The PTNA welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with other paediatric research networks and with industry in order to enhance the quality paediatric trials in Australia.

Contact information

Main contact: Rebecca Lennon
Phone: +61 (0) 3 9936 6322

WebSpirit contact: Michael Emamooden
Phone: +61 (0) 2 9845 1329 




WebSpirit clinical trial data management system - an online electronic data capture and trial management software. Web Spirit 
  Training, Melbourne based initially. Other states in due course