Cell-based Therapies

Cell-Based Therapies
To sustain and capitalize on previous NCRIS investment in the cell therapy area, THD funding will:
•    increase clean room capacity
•    subsidise the high costs associated with meeting regulatory requirements for manufacture and regulatory compliance for clinical trials
•    implement new technologies including new bioreactor technology
•    provide process development laboratories that link basic research with cellular manufacturing facilities.

The THD funding is directed at a small number of Centres, including:
•    Victorian Consortium for Cell-based Therapies (VCCT) – a consortium of public and private organisations with a shared vision to facilitate clinical translation of cell-based therapies in Victoria. The consortium has established two biological isolator facilities to provide affordable and versatile cGMP manufacturing capabilities to its members.
•    Cell and Tissue therapies WA (CTTWA) – a biotherapeutic manufacturing facility based at Royal Perth Hospital providing a diverse range of clinical products and services for the Western Australian public health sector.  The THD funding will enable implementation of new technologies allowing efficiencies in manufacture and increased capacity.
•    Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (University of Sydney) - the  THD funding will be used to establish a Process Development and Clinical Trials Support laboratory as an essential component of a cellular therapies service. Such a facility will be the first of its kind in Australia.
•    Sydney Centre for Cell and Gene Therapy (at Westmead) – Cell therapy activity on the Westmead Campus currently provides support to three principal initiatives, the Pancreas Islet Transplant Group, the T cell adoptive immunotherapy programme and the Gene Therapy Research Unit. Funding will increase capacity for these activities and support GMP compliance.
•    SA Pathology - a facility focused on developing immunotherapy for cancer.  THD funding will enable enhanced genetic manipulation of cells and increased sophistication in cell processing and culture accelerating translational outcomes for this facility.