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Graham Jenkin

Professor Jenkin holds a Personal Chair and is a Professor in the Monash Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecologyat Monash University. He is Deputy Director of The Ritchie Centre at Monash Institute of Medical Research.

Research Overview: Research currently being undertaken by his group includes clinical translation research into the maintenance of fetal and neonatal wellbeing. Conditions including intra uterine growth restriction, hypoxia, infection, and premature labour and the use of potential protectants against free radical brain, and other organ, damage in fetal and perinatal hypoxia are being studied. The controlled use of glucocorticoids in premature labour and their effects on the IUGR fetus are key areas of interest. In collaboration with CIs Miller and Wallace, he has shown that betamethasone treatment of IUGR fetuses may lead to clinical complications and our findings have resulted in a re-evaluation of clinical practice with respect to application of betamethasone in such pregnancies, about to commence Clinical Trials in India under the auspices of a Bill and Melinda Gates Grand Challenge Exploration Grant. His group also researches potential safe therapies for the amelioration of chronic lung diseases in the neonate and the treatment and prevention of the neurological consequences of cerebral palsy. Professor Jenkin’s research interests also include the use of placental derived and adult mesenchymal stem cells and their derivatives for potential cell based therapies. He is investigating the use of stem cell in the fetus and neonate for the treatment of premature infants suffering from respiratory distress and delayed neurological development. The therapeutic use of multipotential stem cells, in particular cord blood and amnion derived epithelial cells, in the treatment of intractable diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, brain neurotrauma and spinal disk injury is being investigated. He has recently completed a successful preclinical and phase 2 clinical trial for treatment of spinal disk injury using cell based therapy. His research on placental derived stem cells may well revolutionize our approach to the use of stem cells in clinical therapies.

Awards: He was made a Fellow of the Institute of Biology in 1996. His contribution as a teacher, supervisor and mentor of undergraduate and postgraduate students has been recognised with the receipt of the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Postgraduate Supervision. His promotion of linkages with industry was also recognised in 2009 by receipt of the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research Innovation and Collaboration in Research with Industry.
Publications: His publication record includes over 150 papers in quality peer reviewed journals, two papers in Nature and a paper in Science, 8 patent applications, 31 invited book chapters/journal review articles including editing of 5 International Journal Symposia publications. He has an H index of 26.

Research Funding: He has received continuous NHMRC research grant funding since 1979. He has been a Principal Investigator on two NHMRC Program Grants and a Chief Investigator on a third Program Grant. He presently holds four NHMRC Project Grants as a CI, totaling over $2.38M and over $4M in commercial Sponsored Research Funding for cell based therapy translation research, including an Advanced Manufacturing Commercial Research Consortium (with Cytomatrix) and an ARC Linkage grant (With Cell Care), which are stem cell based commercial clinical translation grants, totaling over $2.3 million He was the Principal Investigator on a NICHD, RFA Program Grant and was also a member of the successful application team for the Federal award of the “Biotechnology Centre of Excellence”, the Australian Stem Cell Centre.

Postgraduate and undergraduate training, supervision and mentoring: He has personally successfully directly supervised or co-supervised over 22 PhD students, 5 Masters students, 52 BMedSci and BSc Honours students and presently has a very active research group of 3 Post Docs, 4 PhD and 1 Master of Surgery students. He was a recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Postgraduate Supervision.

Peer Review:
Grant Review Panels: He has sat on 3 NHMRC and 1 NZ HRC Grant Review Panels in his discipline. Member of Editorial Boards: Reproduction, Fertility and Development (AUS) Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology (AUS); Member of Advisory Committees: Reviews of Reproduction (UK); Grant Reviewer for: Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (NZ); USA-Israel Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund; Wool Research and Development Council. Anti Cancer Council of Australia; Australian Research Council; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (UK); Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation of S.A.; Health Research Council of New Zealand. Journal Referee for: Cell Stem Cell; Reproduction – Member of Editorial Board - Australian Journal of Biological Sciences (AUS); Biology of Reproduction (USA); Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology (AUS); Experimental Physiology; Human Reproduction (UK); Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (USA); Journal of Endocrinology (UK); Journal of Reproduction and Fertility (UK); Molecular Reproduction and Development (USA); Reproduction (UK); Reproduction, Fertility and Development (AUS) Reviews of Reproduction (UK); Royal Society, Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences (UK).

Professional Affiliations: He has been a member and Deputy Chair of the NHMRC Animal Welfare Committee; the NHMRC Non Human Primate Sub Committee; the NHMRC Code of Practice Animal Welfare Liaison Group; the NHMRC Xenotransplantation Animal Issues Sub Committee and the State Animal Welfare Advisory Committee. Past Advisor to State and Federal Governments on the introduction of stem cell legislation, Presenter to Senate Select Committee investigating legislation of stem cell research in Australia. Elected Fellow of the Institute of Biology (UK), 1996. Past Deputy President & Executive Committee Member, of the Society for Reproductive Biology. Past Member of International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), Education Committee of ISSCR, Society for Endocrinology (U.K.), Society for the Study of Fertility (U.K.), Endocrine Society of Australia; Life Member of the Research Defense Society (U.K.); Rotary Club of Dandenong, past member representing Medical Research and Education; Founding Member of Australian Federation for the Welfare of Animals. Inaugural Member, Steering Committee to establish Australian Society for Stem Cell Research.

Research Translation: He works closely with regenerative medicine based companies including Cell Care Australia on cord blood and pregnancy tissue storage for cell based therapy. His work on Orthopaedic applications of mesenchymal stem cells is currently supported by Sponsored Research Agreements of over $1M with Mesoblast Ltd. With Professor Euan Wallace, he recently led the development of a public sector Victorian Consortium for Cell based Therapies, consisting of Healthcare, Research Institutions and Commercial Organisations to facilitate research and translation of rapidly evolving cell therapies through clinical trials to the clinic. This has resulted in significant Federal Government Super Science Scheme seed funding through Therapeutic Innovations Australia. He was instrumental in setting up the Asia Pacific Centre for Science and Wealth Creation, the Australian Stem Cell Centre, the Monash Immunology and Stem Cell Laboratories, the Stem Cell Network of the Asia Pacific, the Australia – China Stem Cell Centre of Excellence and, most recently, the development of The Ritchie Centre for Translational Research at the Monash Institute of Medical Research and the Cell Therapies Platform within the $83M Monash Health Translation Precinct currently under construction.

Community Standing: He was made a Fellow of the Institute of Biology in 1996. His contribution as a teacher, supervisor and mentor of undergraduate and postgraduate students has been recognised with the receipt of the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Postgraduate Supervision. His promotion of linkages with industry was also recognised in 2009 by the Vice Chancellor’s award for Excellence in Research Innovation and Collaboration in Research with Industry.