About Us

TIA aims to both accelerate and increase the efficiency of Australian translational research in the therapeutic area by establishing clear innovation pathways. TIA provides central linkage of capabilities to benefit Australian researchers and also for domestic and international companies.  TIA's aggregation strategy is highlighted in the Figure below and can be summarised as:
  • Providing support for linkages between translational health providers and closure of existing infrastructure gaps
  • To provide a mechanism for the establishment of facilitated pathways for researchers wishing to move from the discovery phase through to clinical translation.  These include expert panels providing guidance for key areas including small molecule pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, cell based therapies and biomarkers.  These expert panels have the capacity to guide researchers on optimal translational pathways and ensure efficiency in the design of translational research programs
  • To provide an expert focus for international engagement with key stakeholders in translational  research
This aggregating capacity will help harness Australia’s outstanding basic science discoveries, generating health gains for consumers and added value for the emerging biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.