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Therapeutic Innovation

Accelerating research outcomes

Bringing together sector-leading expertise, capabilities, funding and commercial insight to support the productivity of translational health research in Australia.

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Preclinical Testing
UQ Centre for Integrated Preclinical Drug Development

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Medicinal Chemistry
Monash Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences


One of many pathways

We invest in the development of ‘state of the art’ equipment and facilities and operate the national therapeutic product supply chains for small molecules, biopharmaceuticals and cell therapies - facilitating translation of research from the lab bench into clinical trials.

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Commercialising Research

Pharmaceutical Developability Network

Through our “Virtual Pharma” initiative, our supporting capabilities and core partnerships we help researchers to progress promising research beyond the laboratory bench.

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Leveraging a network of over 30 capabilities with 240 scientists we look for productive collaborations with public and private organisations both locally and internationally.

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Funding & Subsidies

Enabling research through Australian Government funding.

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Governance & Management

Board and executive supported by six national advisory committees which provide outstanding expertise in medical research, product development, regulatory compliance and commercialisation.

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Therapeutic Innovation Australia (TIA) supports Australian researchers in taking promising medical research from the laboratory bench and translating it into clinical application. TIA achieves this through a national network of 45 sites located at universities, medical research organisations, hospitals and clinical networks that enable development of small molecules, biopharmaceuticals, cell therapies and biomarkers. TIA forms a central partnering function between researchers, capability managers and experts in product development from academic and industry sectors. In 2013–14, TIA supported 67 proof of concept products and 80 clinical trials.

News & Events

Participate in our National Translational Health Research Survey

Participate in our National Translational Health Research Survey

TIA invites you to join the Australian Therapeutic Pipeline

Latest Projects

Translating Health Discovery into Clinical Application

Activated Dendritic Cell Marker CD83

Dendritic cells (DCs) play a critical role in the generation and regulation of immune responses. In the healthy individual these responses are directed towards pathogenic organisms and viruses, preventing or resolving infection.

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IMPDH as an antifungal drug target

The human pathogenic fungus Cryptococcus neoformans causes fatal fungal meningioencephalitis in immunocompromised individuals. The increasing burden of fatal opportunistic fungal infection requires the urgent development of novel therapeutics and synergistic approaches to treatments.

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Our Partners

Our capabilities service the local and international academic and industrial sectors providing analytical, product development and manufacturing services. Many of the centres are ISO, NATA or TGA cGMP compliant. These capabilities also provide access to leading research teams which are supported through our expert advisory committees.